Replace "I Don't Know" With

My Heart Knows

Your inner guidance knows more than you think. Clean the lens of your soul daily, and effortlessly you'll be able to put all the puzzle together with crystal clarity.

One Question A Day To Renew You From Inside Out

Uncovering Your Deepest Desires And Solutions In A Magical Way!


Bye-bye boring and heavy journals. Just one page each week, with one thought-provoking question daily to connect you with your inner guidance. 


You'll get a 7-Week Journal Workbook, together with a powerful Guided Visualisation Audio to align you with your goals and missions.

Activate Your Left + Right Brain

The Clarity Spiral Journaling Method takes 7 days as a Single Unit, and you'll be completing your weekly-themed journal that starts at the centre in a clockwise manner. 

The spiral design stimulates both your left and right brain to bring out your creative best, and it can help you stay centred with the weekly theme without losing focus on your daily tasks. 

Manifest Your Future Faster!

Energetically speaking, a clockwise spiral also draws and attracts positive energy into your life, which can increase your manifestation power that brings your desires into reality sooner and easier!


A Quick Preview

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